Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ace the Interview: 3 Characteristics of a Flight Attendant

Customer service, customer service, customer service.

It seems like the only thing airlines are looking for is a customer service specialist. Airlines are looking to staff their aircraft with flight attendants who can make a customer’s experience exceptional. You already know this and you wouldn’t be dreaming of the skies if you didn’t think you were the one to make it happen.

The problem is, you have convince an airline recruiter that you are to one for the job. There are only so many times you can say “I aim to give exceptional customer service” before you begin to sound like a broken record. 

So what are some other characteristics a recruiter is looking for during the interview?

1)      Kindness and Compassion:  As a flight attendant, you will see people at their best and at their worst. They will be having good days and bad days.  You will serve nice people and meany pants. Showing kindness and compassion to everyone you come in contact with will go a long way towards converting your enemies into allies and will make your life a lot easier. *What is an example where you went out of your way to show compassion to another person? (in your personal or professional life.)

2)      Rule Follower: Being a goody-two-shoe, rule follower may not be fun in elementary school, but on board the aircraft, it’s a must.  The airline industry is based on rules and regulations, policies and procedures.  From Federal Airline Regulation (FARs) to company specific guidelines, you will fill your day following rules.  And informing your passengers of the rules. *What would you do if the company asked you to follow a policy you didn’t agree with?

3)      Strong Values: Having a belief system that is strong and established is important.  This usually comes from your religion, but a strong moral foundation counts, too. Knowing who you are and what you stand for will prevent you from being easily manipulated. *What would you do if a friend of yours was stealing from the company?
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